"In Gratitude to the Flax field" , braided stalks of live growing flax, 7 meters across, Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf, Quebec, Canada 2005

”Sun on the Lawn”, trimming shred of cotton fabric (textile mill waste), Fibre Art on the Outside, Runcorn, England 1996

“Mainstream”, Hidden Treasures, an installation of driftwood on a beach, Northern Fibre III, Fjaltring, Denmark 1999.

Together with Wenche Kvalstad Eckhoff


A detail of the installation "Homo one-leg turisticum", discarded cigarette lighters (plastic) found on a beach, Northern Fibre III,Fjaltring, Denmark 1999

Together with Wenche Kvalstad, Eckhoff

"My Soil, my Earth", bales of straw littered with discarded objects, Kaunas Biennial Textile 09, Kaunas, Lithuania 2009

”Left over”, bales of waste cardboard packages on a landfill, Vantaa, Finland 1998. Collected and baled for recycling, 28 bales weighing a total of 30 tons). Material loaned, transported to the site and stacks erected by courtesy of Paperinkeräys Oy.

Linssi (Lens) Printed cotton fabric by Marimekko 1965

Sonaatti (Sonata) Printed cotton fabric by Marimekko 1967

Merivuokko (Sea anemone) printed cotton fabric 1967. In E. Helenius' Gold medal winning collection in Sacramento Textile Fair in 1968.